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    Welcome to 3G Automation

    3G Automation offers a wide range of services such as Drawings using Auto Cad, InTools & Micro station software, Graphics designing- LCN, HMI, LCN to HMI, GUS to HMI.

Our Products

3G-ES -Energy Saving System

3G –ES  system is multistage system which has triple protections with each stage independently monitored, protected and activated, resulted in simultaneous addressing of multiple problems and functions. Read More

APFC  Pane

The panel is based on Thyristorised / Electronic switching system for smooth zero cross firing to achive dynamic power factor correction where in the switching & the controlling device used have a fast response within 20 – 40 ms. Read More

LT Distribution Panel

  1. Enclosure: 18,16,14 & 12 SWG CRCA Sheet .

Will undergo pre-treatment process covering degreasing, waterrinsing , derusting / Phosphating. Read More


Harmonic Audit & Analysis

Power harmonics are generated because of increasing use of non-linear loads like AC drives, DC drives, induction furnaces as so on. Read More

Solutions and Services we offer

We have a depth of experience and expertise in working with CAD/CAM, Microstation and InTools software, we are capable of achieving tasks faster, and cheaper. Read More